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Lesson notes

I’m Not In Love is a beautiful and unique song by English band 10cc, written by members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman. It was released in 1975 as the second single from their 3rd album ‘The Original Soundtrack’ and became a breakthrough hit worldwide.

The song is particularly notable for its innovative and distinctive backing track, consisting mostly of the band’s multitracked vocals.

This lesson shows a stripped down arrangement as performed acoustically by the band in later years and Gouldman by himself.

The progression has a few interesting twists with chords changing from major to minor. It barely gets home to chord I and it takes quite a different direction in the bridge.

It features several colorful chords with relatively easy shapes, chords out of the key, and a few barre chords. Along with the random and easy double time strumming, it should be doable for most guitar players.