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Lesson notes

Back In Black is a hugely popular AC/DC song from their album "Back In Black" which was released in 1980. With its iconic opening riff, this is one of the most recognizable classic rock songs in history! While most AC/DC songs typically revolve around standard power and open chords, this song is more riff oriented with some great Angus Young licks that will take a bit of focused practice to really get down. There are also some great solo licks to learn that you'll be able to incorporate into your regular playing, which are particularly interesting because they're broken up into phrases instead of all being crammed into one long solo section. They're full of a ton of different guitar techniques and will give you a great chance to really work on your slurs, vibrato, bending, and string skipping. This song is actually the first song that I ever learned how to really bend strings on, which is really crucial to get that opening lick down, so lets get started!