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Lesson notes

Angie is like many other great Rolling Stones songs in that it features a very distinctive opening guitar part, although it is unusual because it is done on an acoustic guitar.

This lesson goes over the intro in a very detailed manner, as well as the basic rhythm guitar parts that accompany the vocals. Neil plays a Chord Solo version of it in the Play Through section and tab for that is included. The techniques needed to create this type of instrumental are covered in our Acoustic Genius Series lesson titled Chord Solos Volume 1.

Angie was one of our original 50 Target lessons. In the Break It Down segment I mentioned that someday I might add another part looking at some of the fills, particularly over the Am and E7 chords. Thanks to Willem's request, someday has come, about six years later. This new clip also offers some second guitar ideas for the G progression using 3-string triads as outlined in our lesson "Lead Secrets: Triads."