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Lesson notes

In this lesson we work on transcribing a piano song into a guitar song, trying to duplicate the piano sound and chord voicings as much as possible. The ‘Project” part of this is that it will be presented as a series of progressive segments put out once a week or so to give everybody time to come up with their own solutions and discoveries. I hope this evolves into a Community Project where people post their thoughts and progress as we move along. In Part 1 the assignment or goal is laid out, starting with just the chord progression and direction on how the bass notes and 3-string chords can be found on the guitar.

Part 2 reviews chord formulas and shows some voicings for a couple of the chords.

Part 3 of our Fool On The Hill Project breaks out some of the possible solutions and directs you to look for different areas of the neck for the best sound.

Part 4 talks a bit about texture changes and presents the way I think sounds closest to the original.