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Lesson notes

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough is a ballad written by American singer-songwriter Patty Smyth and Glen Burtnik (fomer member of Styx).

It was recorded as a duet by Smyth and Eagles’ frontman Don Henley, and appears on her self-titled 1992 album.

This lesson shows how to play the song in the key of G, where the guitar should be capoed on the 3rd fret, to put it in the absolute key of Bb as done on the original recording.

It uses all the chords in the key, with the exception of chord VII, and one out of the key.

The arrangement features a nice melodic intro, which re-appears a few times, and a relatively easy progression.

The most important aspect of the playing is the use of the right hand. One could strum through the song, or flatpick it, or do a combination of both. Personally I prefer the latter.