Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

The guitarist in PFM was Franco Mussida from their start in the 1960s until 2015. He wrote many classically influenced pieces over those years. In 2006 they released Stati Di Imaginazione whick included the beautiful instrumental ballad Il Sogno Di Leonardo (Leonardo’s Dream).

The piece opens with a solo guitar section before heading into more orchestrated parts. In this arrangement I tried to incorporate as much of the original as possible and create a compelling solo version.

It is very slow but may prove to be deceptively difficult in terms of making it flow seamlessly. There are quite a few technical challenges and advanced techniques as well but a patient and diligent approach should prove very rewarding for anyone looking for a challenge.

We continue the lesson on Franco Mussida’s piece Leonardo’s Dream with Section B. The music has been modified since the first post so be sure to download the tab again if you did earlier.