Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Imagine That is a piece I wrote shortly after finishing my El Dorado CD in 2002. It is in Dropped D Tuning and 12/8 Time. The time signature creates a slow, swing feel and the whole piece needs to be played loosely and laid back. There are quite a few challenges in playing it– descending slides with three-note chords, muting some notes with both hands, hinge barres with the first, second and third fingers, and a few big stretches for the left hand.

I started getting requests for a lesson on this a few weeks ago when I played a bit of it on the Weekly Update and I shot the lesson using an old printed version of the music. After shooting it I realized I needed to update the notation and there are now GuitarPro and pdf versions that are a little different than some of the references I made in the videos. Hopefully that won’t create too much confusion.