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Lesson notes

This lesson is going to be more of a “build your own arrangement” one, rather than the note-for-note approach I usually use with solo arrangements. We will start with a basic, alternating bass version where I just give you hints about determining and defining the components, along with a skeleton play through (just bass notes and the melody).

I could certainly use some feedback and/or suggestions as we go along here with what I hope will be a fun and interactive lesson.

Part 4 – The Chorus: This segment goes over the skeleton version of the chorus, starting with the chord progression and melody, then offers a few suggestions on putting them together.

Part 5 – Add Some Fills: Now that you have a grip on the alternating bass arrangement of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, we are ready to fill it out a bit with some extra notes. The melody is fairly full in many measures but there are a few places where extra chord notes can add a lot.

Part 6 – The Intro: While My Guitar Gently Weeps opens up with the piano playing a single ‘A’ in a series of dotted eighth and sixteenth notes. This can be a little challenging on the right hand and will probably take a lot of practice to master. This segment also includes a couple different ways to incorporate Eric Clapton’s opening fill leading into the melody.