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Lesson notes

This arrangement of In My Life by The Beatles is done in the original key of A Major. Each verse is done in different registers on the guitar for a little variety.

There are a lot of slides involved, trying to keep it very legato. There are a few differences in this arrangement from the Play Through, including a more reasonable way to approach the instrumental solo.

Verse 1 has the melody played in the middle register of the guitar, making for some filler notes above the melody.

Verse 2 takes the melody up an octave onto the higher strings, and also follows the lyrics which create a slightly different arrangement of syllables.

The short solo after the second verse of In My Life is fascinating on a few fronts, and not particularly guitar friendly either. It was originally played on the piano and then doubled in speed to sound more like a harpsichord (along with being much easier to play).

In Part 5 we take a look at getting most of the notes on the guitar. The embellishments and the glissando at the end are really unnecessary so this slightly modified arrangement keeps the song relatively playable.

In Part 6 we do get into the embellishments, mordents to be specific, for those who need to up the difficulty a level or two.

We wrap this lesson with a few tips on the coda, which is tacked on after the last chorus. There are some subtle differences with a few of the chords and a bit of a stretch at the end but if you have gotten this far you should be very proud of yourself.