Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

The Beach Boys landmark album Pet Sounds included God Only Knows, a musical masterpiece written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher.

Many years ago I put together this solo arrangement and, after enough requests at TG, figured it was time. I tried to be as accurate as possible to many of the voices and nuances Brian included, which makes for some unusual chord voicings and difficult transitions and stretches but if you take it in small doses I think you’ll enjoy the challenge.

God Only Knows includes a beautiful instrumental interlude that features vocal counterpoint that feels like weaving melodies. I tried to capture a bit of that with the arrangement which creates a couple more unusual chord shapes and finger stretches.

The outro focuses on the last two measures at the top of 17 & 18, which jumps to the coda and cycles over the overlapping voices.

Finally we wrap up with an overview of the arrangement and how the repeats work throughout the song, paying close attention to the instructions outlined throughout the tab.