Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Since I mentioned that And Winter Glows is more of a vocal-type song than guitar specific, I figured we might as well open it up to a collaborative project.

In this video I separate the melody and accompaniment so you can get a clear idea of the melody. The challenge then is to tap into your creative well and come up with a story or mood that you see fit. Post your lyrics in the Forum thread announcing the project or even just here on the lesson page.

This is an example of some of the types of projects we have members work on at TotallyGuitars. The idea here is to write some lyrics to the acoustic guitar piece "And Winter Glows." This video presents the melody and chord progression, inviting everyone to come up with their own lyrics.

Neil includes a couple phrases he hears to get you started but feel free to take the story or mood in any other direction you choose. TotallyGuitars members are working on this on our Forum but posting your contributions here will be appreciated as well.