Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

City Of Stars is an Oscar winning original song from the 2016 movie La La Land. It is played in a couple different ways in the movie, most based on a simple arpeggio figure played on the piano.

This lesson includes a few different takes on it, including Campfire Versions in two different keys, a Harmony Challenge where you can figure out the progression from a chart done with numeric symbols, and a transcription of arpeggios from the piano part.

Update - 03/16/2017: We continue the City Of Stars lesson with a segment on arpeggios based on different chord families: E, A, G and C, then a complete look at playing the piano accompaniment almost note-for-note in the original key.

It can be confusing but first we look at if in Em, starting on an Am chord, using a capo at the second fret to match the original of the solo version in F#m.

Update - 03/24/2017: There is also a segment going over the arpeggio accompaniment in Bm, where a capo at the third fret will match the original duet version in Dm.