Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Cambodia is the fourth and another international hit single by British pop singer Kim Wilde. It was released at the end of 1981, a year in which she already scored three highly successful hit singles and a best-selling debut album.

The original recording was mainly synth-driven, with oriental-sounding percussion and was written by Kim’s father and brother Marty and Ricky Wilde.

The lyrics were inspired by the Operation Menu bombing campaign of Cambodia by the US during the Vietnam War. It tells the tragic story about a wife of an American pilot, who ends up being killed and never returns home.

The arrangement taught in this lesson is done in the key of Am and could be capoed anywhere to fit ones vocal range.

The chords and the progression are relatively easy. The main challenge is to somewhat copy the feel of the bass and to incorporate the main synthesizer riff featured in the intro.

There is also a segment included that shows the chords and progression as Ricky Wilde plays it on an acoustic guitar in the key of Dm, using primarily barre chords.