Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Ladye Nothinge’s Toye Puffe is a great example of modern counterpoint writing for acoustic guitar.

The piece shows John Renbourn’s brilliance as a composer, as well as his mastery of the guitar. The lesson is broken down into manageable chunks and today we start with the first 24 measures.

The second section starts with a slide up to the seventh fret and includes some of the trickier connections, particularly the jump to the barre at the seventh and holding down the F# in measure 31. We also look at the Coda, which is just a little different than measure 31.

This short segment starts of easily but has a big stretch with some hard to sustain notes at the end.

Part 5 looks at the last measures of the song, which include some tricky barres and partial barres turning into full ones.

Part 6 contains some random and closing thoughts.