Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Bossa Nova is a sound and style that developed in the late 1950s mostly by Brazilian guitarist Joao Gilberto.

Antonio Carlos Jobim is probably the most famous composer of the style and his composition The Girl From Ipanema the most popular piece. It has been a favorite among guitar players since it was released by Gilberto and sax player Stan Getz, along with Joao’s wife Astrud on vocals in 1964.

This lesson takes a close look at the right hand accompaniment technique and common patterns played fingerstyle, the chords and melody as done in the standard version in the key of F, as well the original guitar part as played by Gilberto in the key of Db.

Both keys use common jazz chords that may be new and unfamiliar to students who have not played in the style before. Most are play on just four strings with the right hand plucking just those strings.

The accompaniment pattern consists of the thumb playing on beats 1 and 3 with the three fingers playing together on different combinations of the eighth note beats.