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Lesson notes

93 Million Miles is a song by American singer-songwriter and Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz. It appears on his Love Is A Four Letter Word album and was released as the second official single in 2012.

The lesson covers both the version of the intro as played on the original recording as well as a version of how Jason plays it on stage, which is as free form as can be.

The song is in the key of D, in Dropped D-tuning, using all the chords except for chord VII. On the original the guitar is capoed on the first fret, but on stage it’s usually capoed on the second. Because of Dropped D-tuning, a couple of chords with the root on the bottom string need to be modified. Also a few unusual chord shapes in the bridge may take a little work.

It features random strumming in common time, which often changes to half time feel back and forth. It also includes focused strumming and several melody notes need to be picked out. For that the student should have some basic strumming skills.

Keep in mind that Jason plays this song different in every performance and the student in encouraged to do the same.