Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Try To Find Me’ is a very touching song written by Graham Nash. He performed it at the ‘Acoustic Concert’ which was recorded in 1991 in San Francisco, but it wasn’t until 2009 that it was released on his album ‘Reflections’.

When doing a concert at The Bridge School, an educational program for children who suffer from cerebral palsy, founded and run by Neil Young’s wife, Pegi, Nash saw two kids in their wheelchairs: ‘One, a little girl, who started to cry because she wanted to get out of the concert for whatever reason. And then this little boy, next to her in his wheelchair, took an unbelievable amount of time to slowly and painfully move his hand over to hers and squeeze her hand. And he made this little girl stop crying and at that moment this song was born, it’s called Try To Find Me.’

Since Nash accompanies himself on a grand piano, in the lesson we take a look at how to translate his playing to the guitar, by showing the patterns that he uses on the piano.

The arrangement is in the key of D, using all the chords, except for chord VII. The guitar is in Drop D-Tuning, capoed at the second fret, which puts it back in the original absolute key of E. For that we take a look at how to adjust the chords with the bass note on the sixth string.

There is also a segment in which I explain how I came up with a simple arrangement that is aimed at translating the emotional feel of the song, in particular by using dynamics.