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Bill Collings Mandolins

Vintage Mandolins

Bill Collings Mandolins



I mentioned Bill Collings before. I’m down here at Gryphon String Instruments and I mentioned he was being a premier guitar builder and he built that D-1A. This company built the D-1A that I showed you earlier. And he is also known as a Mandolin Builder as well as electric and acoustic guitars. His mandolins are very highly regarded, and most the ones that get the attention are the F models with the Scrollin points. It’s kind of copies of the Gibson F5. But this is a new interesting model that he’s got and it’s pretty much like the 1920 style Gibson Snakehead A models and these are really great for playing kind of bluesy, jazzy, old timey music, you know? When you don’t really want necessary that bluegrass sound, these have a more open kind of ringing sound. And I did a little profile about Gibson A Jr. from 1923 that has that quality. And this is sort of his nod to the style. And he’s got a nice ebony pickguard and it’s got wood, you know, of kind of a higher decorative quality than you would on a Gibson of the style. But anyway, this guy, it’s got a nice matte finish. And what I like about this mandolin is it’s got a really beautifully balanced sound. You could probably play almost any style on it, you know? I was really taken in by this one that’s why I’m showing it. It’s one of his less fancy ones. But he has done a really nice job with the round-hole approach here. Anyway, this is called an MTO, it’s the style and this run around $2600 which kind of splits the difference between a standard Gibson A from the Tins and the Snakehead As from the 1920s which are edging up over $4000 for some of the models. So, this is a nice alternative and it has a beautiful sound. And let’s see if I can play a little something on it just to show what it sounds like.


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