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Jack Van Breen On A Gibson Tiran Porter

Vintage Guitars

Jack Van Breen On A Gibson Tiran Porter


Neil: We’ll gonna talk about a little bit of this Red Case in the glass case.
Jack: Yeah
Neil: Doobie Brothers 34 Tiran Porter, another local guy local band have made some wonderful things
around here. Jack: Local band, Ty actually isn’t technically a local band. He came up here late 1670s to
be part of the folks.
Neil: Right
Jack. That was going on and the metro boys and there were some part of the ways with the original base
players whose also long time customer of stage showdown and time just trapped in.
Neil: Trapped in for a second out
Jack: and joined history.
Neil: yeah
Jack: well you know and he was a behind the scenes kind of glue that really supported everybody out.
Neil: Yeah
Jack: You know very few base players get in every respect.
Neil: aha..
Jack: You know, nobody talks if there’s Steven …, there is Jack-O.
Neil: Yeah
Jack: …’cause they are the last too long ’cause …the base, basically. There’s Paul, and there’s Peter, and
there’s Sting. Wait, those are singer-song writer who happen to play base.
Neil: And all played guitar first, oh almost.
Jack: Mostly, no. But ohm, so people don’t think in terms of … base players. But base players are great.
And nobody …, nobody stamp on their feet ….smile…
Neil: Yeah.
Jack: The base players are the foundation along with the drummer that holds everything else you do
Neil: Yeah.
Jack: In my band I have a base player. And I am just amazed with. And we can have thiis mutual
admiration … it was like, I’m just thinking.. This guys so much better than me…
Neil: How about Landon…
Jack: This young guy, but anyway, so at that time we’ll definitely had the Doobie brothers and keeps
coming up with all this great interesting unique baseline.
Neil: Yeah.
Jack: He’s not just (Strumming the guitar)
Neil: Right. It’s not really Olsen band?…yeah
Jack: Doing all that
Neil: And maybe singing at the same time.
Jack: Singing at the same time, and I first met him this is an embarrassing story.
Neil: Ok.
Jack: But I had a band I was part of the band called Childhoods in back in the early 70s
Neil: Oh
Jack: And we were…
Neil: Joey was in that band?
Jack: Pardon?
Neil: Joey was in that band?
Jack: Joey was in that band for the brief period probably brief period…but we were the house band at
bodega, we played at bodega.
Neil: Oh Yeah
Jack: For 2 nights a week
Neil: yeah.
Jack: And on Thursday night…bring in the name us so he can be the promoter
Neil: Oh.
Jack: There’s a little bit of ego stroke but I’m sure he brought the Doobie Brothers a bunch of times
tower of power, cold bloods, stone ground play.
Neil: Right and this is a small ground on the shopping center at that time?
Jack: Yeah. It was two or 300 seats and the fire marshals look in the other way kind of thing.
Neil: Yeah
Jack: So we had play downtown, we played, are Thursday night gig was a place called Ricardo’s pizza on
willow street.
Neil: Ok.
Jack: This is interesting place where you have to be careful walking across the board because I had been
there a long long time. There’s a little folk that you might have here called the mother’s brothers?
Neil: Ohm, I think they have might have make it?
Jack: Yeah
Neil: They started working on it?
Jack: Yeah they started there.
Neil: Yeah.
Jack: The Doobie Brothers started their
Neil: Wow
Jack: Childhoods in there, going…
Neil: Didn’t quite, didn’t follow those footsteps
Jack: Oh we finish that show an we went over the bodegas and see what’s happening Doobie Brothers,
so we got their just in time to do their anchor which is woooohhh…rockin down the highway.
Neil: Oh yeah.
Jack: That’s the first Doobie Brothers song I’ve ever heard.
Neil: Aha.
Jack: You know, kind of mutual friend of ours, I think they were showing house in at the time.
Neil: Ok! (Laughing)
Jack: Coz the day when bands had the house
Niel: Yeah…
Jack: And sometimes 2 to 3 bands had a house.
Neil: Right.
Jack: And so, he introduces me to Tiran and Tiran at that time was using a pair of acoustic 360 base
amps and the acoustic 3 base amp was known for a lot of rumble, at least in my humble opinion.
Neil: Ok.
Jack: And so I goes why your using this amps, coz I like em’ you know, but he forgave me for the implied
in this song. And I was working at guitar showcase at that time and shortly thereafter he came in and
we just have this long relationship and he come in whats cool and I show him something. He got this
directly from the…because they hang out and mill valley and stuff.
Neil: Oh.
Jack: And this was built customed well as all one pretty much art for the longest time, its customed built
for him. I could talk to you for hours…
Neil: Something we got to see, if we got this kind of stuff too at one point?
Jack: Yeah. I think Joey Garcia funded all
Neil: Yeah probably.
Jack: But I could talk to you about the woods but I’m not a carpenter.
Neil: Ok. So when was this made?
Jack: This was made 73′ when it was made and he was historian base for a long…
Neil: Did you guys have it here for sale? I mean does he had it built for…when he got there
Jack: He had it built on. Now we got a couple of other bases that his acquired from us over the years.
Neil: Ok.
Jack: And in particular I’m making this up coz I go along but I think this is true I got this phone call and;
Jack this is Todd and i said Hey what’s going on? Do you still have thta black precision? It’s in the mid
60s, 65 I think and I go why yeah, he says ok Marks gonna come and get it; and I said Ok fine hung up the
phone. Mark Brown who was there guitar tech at that time became their primary guitar tech and now
has a great facility here.
Neil: Oh Yeah. Ok I thought it was…
Jack: They flew him up from LA you know,,,
Neil: That day?
Jack: That day.
Neil: To come pick up?
Jack: Yeah. Three hours later his Hi! I’m here to pick up the base here we go.
Neil: They needed it that night.
Jack: No they needed that day they were in the studio.
Neil: Oh ok.
Jack: But they needed it for taking into the streets.
Neil: Wow.
Jack: You know and I can’t play the baseline coz its…
Neil: A little complicated…
Jack: It’s a very complex you think about really something coz its kind of know something like….
Neil: Yeah…some pretty heavy rhythm
Jack: It’s just amazing, anyway that’s the banks, he still has it…
Neil: Wow, I think he does his Santa Cruz guitar he bought from Neil at 1980…
Jack: He doesn’t…
Neil: 60 or something…
Jack: His not one of those guys that goes out; Oh I’ll take that…his like thinks about what his buying and
when he buys this instrument because he really really likes it.
Neil: Yeah.
Jack: And he keeps it.
Neil: Yeah it was pretty cool. Hey was Rick Turner involved with this company then?
Jack: You know I don’t know the odds are fair.
Neil: Yeah. That’s kind of their hating really
Jack: That was..That while thing really was very incestuous.
Neil: Yeah (laughing)
Jack: You know were happy that we still have a really good relationship along with because he was
a good friend ours…it was merely on the… guitar manager to the point when people show up at the
Neil: yeah.
Jack: Facility and look at the faces and they owe like a base like this it’s probably 15 or $17,000
retail…and like gosh I;ll take it…well why didn’t you call this guy when she hasn’t call Terry because
make the Math easy say its a $18,000 base they see it at a discount for about $12,000.
Neil: Oh Ok.
Jack: So the guy is standing there you know holding the things, coz he has his thing called guitar
showcase and were what 2 hour south?
Neil: Yeah.
Jack: You know and make the dealers between us but we have that kind of promotion…
Neil: Right, wow
Jack: He really appreciate that we appreciate the guitar, yeah you know maybe later we have a nice
Alembic display case we got for your show.
Neil: Oh ok.
Jack: We got a Martin speaking of Jerry we got a couple of tributes.
Neil: Aha.
Jack: So interesting guitar but back to time.
Neil: Ok Alright!
Jack: You know this…you got a couple old guitar players together, not sure where it’s gonna go!
Neil: I know
Jack: But it’s like so you know Tiran started buying a bunch of stuff from us over the years. I was with
guitar showcase, I started about 71′
Neil: Ok, when you were just 6 years old too?
Jack: Yes
Neil: Amazing
Jack: Its some act of prodigy…
Neil: Have it a couple of label it was then?
Jack: No
Neil: Ok, not the guitar source?
Jack: Not the guitar source…but I continue working to 1980 and I went to another because the pay is
Neil: it was happening there…
Jack: Yeah it is happening there.
Neil: It’s not anymore
Jack: So here I am. So but Tiran is one of,,,his got me and said what’s new and exciting I saw him one of
the first..8th tracks…
Neil: Oh home studio.
Jack: Home studio, he did some amazing stuff the man is as were talking about on some… he came
up with his base part that held were Tommy and Pat were doing together. He added an interesting
harmony not just it….coz everybody well go up and probably good.
Neil: Yeah.
Jack: But he would add interesting parts.
Neil: Yeah and more counterpoints..
Jack: And a lot of you know…and eventually they…


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