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Mike Mullins on a Martin D-18

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Mike Mullins on a Martin D-18


(Strumming the guitar)
Greetings welcome to another a little chapter of Acoustic Snapshot I’m Mike Mullins. Today I’ve got something very special a good friend of mine has given me for the next few minutes the use of his Martin D-18 it’s not just Martin D-18 this is a 1935 D-18 and it is a wonderful guitar. It’s an absolute jam and it’s just a true vintage treasure. And icon of acoustic guitar…And basically it’s an interesting year because the first year that Martin catalogs the Dreadnought Guitar. That will be the 14th fret body, 14th frets clear the body rather had been around since the 1934; but Martin didn’t really officially start cataloging it and publicizing this model until 1935.
So in 1935 they were 133 Martin D-18s made some of them, most of them are on the blonde top variety. But some of them had this beautiful shaded tucks and it’s fairly common in the 1930s. But anyway so, the D-18 at this time had an Ebony fretboard and bridge. And it also have black rather than tortoise-shell colored binding around the sides and back. So it’s one of the features of early Martin guitars years later. They kind of brought that back you know to deleted the tortoise-shell binding and brought the black and kind of went back and forth. But this is a period were it was actually a dark color. Now this guitar has an Adirondack Spruce Top and Honduras Mahogany back and sides. And the tuning machines on this guitar are like the originals, they’re not the original but these are very good replicas they would have been like the G-98 style, but are Waverly’s. And it’s just a wonderful sounding guitar. And anyway I believe that when this was made they were actually starting also the catalog of the D-28; which was made in smaller numbers. The D-18 becomes the largest selling Martin dreadnought in the 1930s it was a lot of bang for the buck. I think you could pick one of this up in 1935 for $65 or so. Anyway this is quite a stunning piece, I just love this guitar and had been get it from a friend aligned with a sit and hang out with it for a little bit. And I think I’m trying to think of something else to say about, oh yeah it has the 1 3/4 inch neck width at the nut; which is considered by many players to be optimal 1935 to 1937 which the year 1 3/4 inches was used for the nut for the neck. And also it had the advance or high x- bracing on the top which a lot of players field kind of it’s a cool feature. So, but little later there was only 2 year period when this elements were completely combined all at the same time creating what’s the most collectable period for the Martin dreadnought is considered to be 1935 to 1937 and this is a very fined example we have right here. So, I could see if I could play little something on it and see what it sounds like. And anyway this is a 1935 Martin D-18 serial number: 61735 and here we go thanks very much and enjoy this little segment of Acoustic Snapshot.
(Strumming the guitar)

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