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Jack Van Breen On A Gibson Les Paul Corvette

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Jack Van Breen On A Gibson Les Paul Corvette


Jack Van: 50th Anniversary whatever corvette comemorative Billiy Gibons Les Paul junior had a little corvette flags and then the guy says can you get me one of those, and I said well I dunno when I’m reading the page its limited on 50 main I said: I’ll probably can but their pretty expensive: he goes really? and I said yeah this is probably more than 10 gran I mean your comfortable with that number? Anyway I thought it’ll be about 4 or 5 and just no when Gibson doesn”t run of that limited quantity their kind enough and he says; well you can get me one I’ll take it so he’ll give me his business card I went to the store manager I was working in Portland at that time. And Tom (Shouting) I need one of these guitars and said Tom I don’t want this… get how it works 3 days later, it was a big change a major change I would say,this guitar shows up and said: your guitar is here and I said cool let me see it and I opened it up. Now the guitar thta I wanted is a junior let me….let me have the junior
Neil: Its a Les Paul?
Jack Van: Its a what I got prs
Neil: Ok
Jack Van: Its kind of like this no big deal….
Neil: Oh Yeah.
Jack Van: No big deal double code and so, I opened the case and saw it cool that was the guitar…and this one..this one like it is and I’m goin thats not its not expected…
Neil: Right.
Jack Van: On the other hand if you look it closely it has 283 fuel injections, engraved on the markers. Its got the shaek scoop its got the side thing that is a 63 corvette right?
Neil: Yeah.
Jack Van: And so, I called the guy up and say; Hey your guitar is here he hung up he never calls me up and leave 3 message, he never calls me back.
Neil: And again his expecting that one?
Jack Van: He’s expecting that one, so we their saturday morning sale meeting them and say: Hey I saw the guitar the other day right? and so, yeah well I’m covering up… to do what I’m doing its county guitar, and page to the guitar desk. And there was this guy who’s also name is Tom he’ll gonna love this guitar it was in the back office so I pulled it up, and I wait down and I open it up and he goes; thats not what I order and said I understand …ans say what is this? It is a Corvette, that one has some kind of so many bits.
Neil: Yeah.
Jack Van: Look at that and is goin I never pay retail and I say I appreciate your position to it. I’m ready for a retail and he look around and I say: we don’t anything we don’t sell things from retail but if you purchased BMWM Flag not what you pay retail, you pay over these are premium for a rare of this top.
Neil: Yeah.
Jack Van: Oh by the way its not 10 its 12.
and i was and so, the Gm says: show him the Mike picks we have this big grass dispaly lights the whole thing couldn’t try to help and I say if you go to others you’ll be in this case…
Neil: Were throwing thta in.
Jack Van: We’re throwing that in, so pictures we weren’t suppose to sell, it’s automatic the guy goes, post out a stuff of credit card like this…going back to the question he was you know,,,like this try this one,,, run it deliver this stuff and he went out to deliver this stuff and I’m hearing the message when he walking out, you can get the early guitar, and I’ll take that one too. so the punchline of a whole story it is, guy doesn’t play a guitar, doesn’t care about the guitar a collector of vintage corvette he had aharmonically sealed little garage…
Neil: Oh men.
Jack Van: 9 vintage corvettes and he wanted this a saccent pieces
Neil: Yeah
Jack Van: He was like…but that month I sold $22,000 worth of guitar.
Neil: For the same guy?
Jack Van: Too the same guy…
Neil: Work really hard for him.
Jack Work really (laughing) I was really quite…it was really interesting talking about people coming go in the jack…
Neil: yeah…
Jack Van: You know..
Neil: Yeah so…its a great story
Jack Van: And its a great guitar somebody would love that guitar someday, as you can see we have a lot somebpdy will love that guitar someday.
Neil: No kidding.


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