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1969 Martin D-35S Review

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1969 Martin D-35S Review


Mike reviews the martin D-35S and explains how it got its name.



  1. David Denton January 18, 2011

    Very informative review. I was under the impression that the S indicated a slotted headstock.
    Good audio!

  2. Mark Mondt May 3, 2012

    I once had a 1969 D-35S. I still recall its Martin serial number (269099).
    It was a fine instrument, with a unique sound. It must have been intended for the folksingers of the day.
    Its strings were silk & steel, and its frets were German silver. I was warned that the silk & steel strings were required, because of the German silver frets. I don’t know whether that really mattered, but I always took care to string it that way, anyway.
    Unfortunately, the guitar was stolen in 1985, when I lived in Baton Rouge. I’ve often wondered what happened to it, after that. Somebody, somewhere, is enjoying it, of that I’m quite sure.


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