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Gibson Steve Miller Marshall

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Gibson Steve Miller Marshall


Neil: So we’re talking about musicians who like hang on to other stuff like Tiran Porter
And love their stuff
Jack Van: Yes
Neil: Well I know a lot of stuff in here that’s got sign in here that says this belongs to Steve Miller I
thought that’s really cool I have something I have something in their that belongs to Steve Miller and
then I walked around a little more and you have more than one thing that belong to Steve Miller
Jack Van: We currently have probably maybe 20 to 30 pieces and in the past 2 years span it’s been. We
have helped him find good homes…
Neil: So you’re in the adaption business of Steve stuff…
Jack Van: I hate that word liquidation because when people starting selling no, no
Neil: Yeah.
Steve wants to go to good home,
Neil: Wow
Dan: There’s a good story behind why I mean it’s 67, so we’ll talk about that a little bit
Jack Van: Yeah
Dan: Why his getting you know why his starting to liquidate and why through us.
Neil: Wow, and that’s another great relationship that you guys have got…
Jack Van: Absolutely and another, another gentleman you know
Neil: Yeah, maybe we can get him come by and talk…let’s take a look at some of this stuff
Jack Van: Ok!
Neil: This is an amp and I saw walking in and you gotta be kidding…this is a killer…
Jack Van: Yes and its available
Neil: Well I’m here at the guitar showcase at Dan Aronie and you walk in the store which likes its own
museum, its ridiculous. You just things grab all over the place you can’t missed in this one for 2 things
one is its bigger than both of us and all many amps fall in that category and then it says right here Steve
Millers hand sign… Jimi Hendrix under… falls back in on consigned. So you have stuff belongs or has
belong to Steve Miller?
Dan: Absolutely yeah and it’s been a great relationship for 2 years I’ve met Scott Barre which is Steve’s
Neil: Ok.
Dan: About 2 years ago when we started doing business one thing lend to another and basically what
started this whole thing is at 65 when at forest fire when he was on tour up to his house and he has two
warehouses filled with old gear…
Neil: That’s right!
Dan: What happen was 2 years ago when there was a forest fire he was on tour so he had to get a truck
come in. And at very large expense he moved the gear from 2 warehouses away from the fire and after
which bring it back, and at 65 he was going on ok I have 2 warehouses I have a guy full time that I paid to
keep the warehouses and what am I doing and Scott at that time who I was been dealing with who has
been his manager for a long teen years and his also his engineer, and so, this guy was I think a natural
when they had a great fought to see this stuff. So, basically for the last 2 years it’s been under the radar
we’ve been selling off this year. So every 6 months he goes into the warehouse, he goes in and sign
all his guitar and the epson proaudio gear everything. And every 6 months we’ve got a truck load, and
every truck load is got better and better. Now we sold now over a hundred of his guitars and he still has
400 left, so I mean that’s a drive…
Neil: You keep on busy for all the time…
Dan: His been collecting since his been a teenager and his 67 now.
Neil: Yeah.
Dan: And he still tours all year long, his been doing 50 plus tour dates a year. His completed his first
mentor… I think about 15 years
Neil: Wow.
Dan: I think it was extremely successful. So his still on the top of his game his you know I’ve seen him
several times when his on the port bay area and he plays different venues and then you know. So come
into the bay area one year and then…come back a year or 2 later. So he doesn’t do it every year and just
keeps thing rollin very well
Neil: Yeah.
Dan: In the fall he does College tours, so he keeps in touch with the young kids as well which is
incredible and he still top in to that. And that’s very successful as well. So, anyway we started getting
truck loads and the stuff and basically its been under the radar, he didn’t wanna make a big deal of it.
Neil: Right:
Dan: But price had been awesome I mean…
Neil: Yeah.
Dan: It’s not about the money its just about giving people a good home and he seems very very
reasonable on the pricing
Neil: Yeah will this be the same as the worth is?
Dan: Yeah! It would be about the same.
Neil: Yeah
Dan: And they only made I think 150 of this whatever made he owns 3 of them. So it not like it’s less well
his got 2 in the warehouse
Neil: (laughing) so it’s not getting away so far…
Dan: Anyway he suses it right he has a huge duty left in his house as well, you can see his hands…
Neil: Yeah…
Dan: I don’t know if you can see I think it’s the camera projection…
Neil: Yeah…there a… solar sharpie…
Dan: There’s a solar sharpie back of the cabinet is also his hand signature in each one.
Neil: Ok
Dan: And sometimes he’ll put extra stuff like fly like an eagle,,,although what songs his using this on…
Neil: Oh men…
Dan: He can actually says use on the song and I’ll show you upstairs when we go upstairs for a couple of
pieces that actually…
Neil: Ok
Dan: His had one that’s broken and he fix, he used on tour 77,78. So there’s a great story behind it and
you know he doesn’t just signed in, he uses there’s a lot of artwork that goes into a lot of his signatures
that you can see.
Neil: Yeah…
Dan: And its funny because actually every one of the employees purchased one this pieces I owned 3
Neil: (laughing)
Dan: So I’m there at the truck first and were pulling this stuff and it’s just a natural like I call my wife and
fo; I’ll bring another Steve piece.
Neil: (laughing)
Dan: So he was too cool we gotta have this.
Neil: yeah.
Dan: But let’s go upstairs
Neil: Yeah.
Dan: And I’ll show you some of the other stuff that we drop off…
Neil: One quick question about: that. So do you when the truck is coming?
Dan: Yeah.
Neil: What kind of warn did you get,,
Dan:, Sometimes we don’t get any warning, sometimes right now we notice the truck will come on
Neil: Ok.
Dan: So his in his off tour,,,his at home his going to the warehouse, last week he started going…
Neil: Ok so…
Dan: West leathers which is his guitar tech and one of his guys called me and warn me we’re putting it
together and…
Neil: Ok. so it’s Christmas special
Dan: yeah it will do and it could be within a week or 3 weeks.
Neil: Ok
Dan: Depending on how time he puts in and how much is on the truck.
Neil: Ok
Dan: So now we are close to pour 5th truck load
Neil: Yeah
Dan: So, west has a great time come down and we go out to Sam’s barbeque everytime. He look forward
to coming down has much fun for him and put it down and say…
Neil: Yeah
Dan: You know it’s a destination spot here as well so his a blast.
Neil: Yeah, I saw some of your TV show with Sam that was really cool.
Dan: So yeah that’s one of our favorite spots.
Neil: And if somebody in like Australia, and saw this on the website and say: hey can you send me that?
Dan: Sure!
Neil: You do…
Dan: Yeah we do, we don’t pushes much out of country because there so much…
Neil: I don’t…
Dan: There so many hoops to go, but we do out of country sales it’s just a lack time we fix something
really literally… to get this thing to Australia would probably a thousand cost.
Neil: I was just gonna guess, yeah, probably a couple of hundred to get into New York… So yeah these
are some Steve’s stuff you should check this out on guitar showcase.


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