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Bob Porter On A Fender Bassman Amp

Vintage Amps

Bob Porter On A Fender Bassman Amp


Larry: Hi your on the road with Larry and Bob Porter. How are you this morning Bob?
Bob: I’m good.
Larry: Well we’re sitting here with one of the real veterans of base amplifiers, why don’t you tell us a little bit about it.
Bob: Well this is probably one of the first amps way back when, this amp is a 65 bought I think it was 68, this is not the original cabinet although this cabinet I think 69. The original cabinet which was stolen it’s a little smaller than this which I like better as you see here…This was the manin stay for back then and the great sounding ends a lot of guitar players… they just said for one step they just don’t have enought power you for rehearsal and work not, it works fine, small you get…it works fine. But this is a basic amp really but because of nice back tube sound on it. I’ve enjoyed playing with it, I really don’t have it practice now (strumming the guitar)
Larry: Let’s hear, let’s hear
Bob: Well let see (Strumming the guitar), it comes in blues through this stuff (Strumming the guitar)
Larry: Well thats great, that’s a pretty large speaker cab. How many speakers are in there?
Bob: twelves which it spiced it feather have this smaller cabinet, I thought it was better cabinet I know its about 68 they went to a larger cabinet one with this I don’t know why. But this is sealed enclosure it was not ported which is probably have the reason some have base…between this amp in the sealed cabinet just had a really big sound to it, just couldn’t get ruled out with it unfortunately as of to the fender little sholman at the time I got this I just could’nt afford it at about twice the power…


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