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Bob Porter On An Ampeg SVT

Vintage Amps

Bob Porter On An Ampeg SVT


Bob: Well eventually it got replaced by MASDT
Larry: Well we talked a little about the Ampeg SVT I know there’s a lot of lore that about that were the rolling stones
Bob: Oh Yeah its the great Amp I love the Amp you use that to drive a band theirs nothing like it got this eight tenths at a, just cut through the mix. It got that nice fat tube sound moving it that was another issue. I had bought one the last one I had was the 1979 like I bought that $80 and I used that for about 8 years when I was younger and wiiling to move it around and it reach the point were it wasn’t worth it that the speaker tab that had eight tenths in it and the cabinet itself weighed 165 lbs. have wheels big deal and the amp pad by itself was 85 lbs. quit it on the age which I had to do otherwise it will just get destroyed moving it with over 100 lbs. and it took 2 people log that structure up and put on and get it set up and loading it in and out in the truck or the van was back and cups price and throw my back up moving that stupid thing I finally reach it when I move it anymore their rating…


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