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MattB Interview – Obstacles: From The Beginning


MattB Interview – Obstacles: From The Beginning



Matt B: I’ll always remember playing from the beginning and the fact that one of my biggest, always one of my biggest obstacles in my own playing has been big jumps around the neck with my left hand.

Neil: Sure.

Matt B: I remember just trying to land those two chords and get a sense of where they were for the longest time. And even now, if I’m not really careful, I won’t do it. I have to really practice and get that spacing down.

Neil: Yeah.

Matt B: And I mean that persisted actually as a very big problem when I went to school for classical.

Neil: Sure.

Matt B: Because you have jumps everywhere and there is no time. There’s all these lines happening. I mean you know from playing the instrumental stuff that you do and playing classical stuff, how that stuff works.

My first teacher at Cal State Fullerton actually got to the end of his rope and he was like, “I feel like I don’t know how else to help you with this. I want to see if you’re OK with transferring to this other teacher who’s got a really more methodical approach to technique problems. And I think he might be able to really work with you and if you want, just try a couple lessons with him at first and we don’t have to transfer you over. But if it starts really working, that may be something you want to really look into.”

And I ended up doing that, ended up working with that teacher. So I have learned what I have to do to get over that problem a little bit.

Neil: Yeah.

Matt B: And it’s still a huge albatross, but something I think I’m working with more.

Neil: So, no holds barred. Play the song. Let’s see it.

Matt B: From the beginning?

Neil: Yeah.

Matt B: Oh, god.

Neil: Come on.

Matt B: Really?

Neil: Don’t worry.

Matt B: Don’t lie.

Neil: We can edit it out. No one’s going to have to watch.

Matt B: Oh, geez, man. This is going to be so embarrassing.

Neil: No, it’s OK. You know what? It could be a starting point.

Matt B: Right. Oh, wow, and with full-on… Oh, that’s because this is …

Neil: There we go.

Matt B: All right, yeah. Let’s see if this actually happens, Neil.

Neil: That’s OK. What the heck? We’ve got nothing to lose.

[plays guitar]

Matt B: Oh, awesome.

Neil: The timing on the lawnmower, right?

[plays guitar]

Neil: Now you see what I mean?

Matt B: Nice though.

[plays guitar]

Neil: See what I mean?

Matt B: That’s OK. No those slides add a little bit to it.

Neil: Right? Yeah.

Matt B: Yeah.

Neil: It’s style.

Matt B: That is really cool. Way to go.

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