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Episode 3 – real acoustic guitar players get manicures (bumper sticker now available at TG)


Episode 3 – real acoustic guitar players get manicures (bumper sticker now available at TG)



Neil: I make my living out with my nails on the Steel String Guitar
MattB: You still used nails?
Neil: Oh Yeah!
MattB: God! You know I just find that my nails were shred on Steel Strings.
Neil: Yeah
MattB: You know, I’ve been using like abrasive cloths that are more like they like sand paper with different grind and there most are polishing like model car and stuff like polishing metal.
Neil: Yeah
MattB: And so, that’s my device program
(Database, it’s been updated)
Neil: You’re checking in on it…
MattB: I find, I want nails because the tone you know, but I never knew that you used nails on yours. And I was like I was so amaze that you got such clear tone and I was like “Man your just doing a flesh that’s awesome”
Neil: You know I definitely had nails when I was teaching you.
MattB: Wow that makes sense.
Neil: And just fortunate to have really hard ones
MattB: Yeah
Neil: But I also take really good care of them I mean here I am, you know four hundred miles away from home and I probably have more manicure stuff in my car than a lot of shops have…(laughing)
MattB: Yeah, yeah…
Neil: In terms of emery boards and different kinds of things.
MattB: Yeah…
Neil: The perfect one, Oh you know what here we are I only have two things in this room and here.

MattB: Oh yeah! I think I might have the same one hold on a second I think I do.
Neil: Yup that’s it that’s the type of thing; you know I have like 5 or 6 of these all over like one on my car. And this one’s in my camera bag…
MattB: Nice…
Neil: I’m not very fond I’m almost never any place without that even I didn’t walk in her with any other musical equipment I’ve got that you know the emery board.
MattB: Yeah and I find it those I quite do it for nylon strings like if you don’t wanna chew up your strings, you gotta finer edge those can give you.
Neil: Yeah
MattB: But I always used that for my launching and I mean one if the tunes and just when I’m doing this. I did something that took me 70 takes to get like it was just ridiculous and it’s not that hard. But my Campanella is just doesn’t doing that great and totally just doing with nails on the steel string acoustic on my Martin and same thing you know it was like ‘wow’. And you know what a lot of nail, for anything because you want a little bit of…
Neil: Right! You got a great length thumb there.
MattB: Yeah
Neil: Just long enough to get some sound and if much longer, those are breaking everytime you open a door or whatever.
MattB: Not only that but I mean you don’t get the beauty of the darkness of the flesh because you want both from me I do anyways.
Neil: Yeah
MattB: And you must used possible technique when your finger picking then, co’z I always thought you have more of an overhand kind of pluck technique. But of course it make sense because you got a really, really full tone, so your hit just like a classical player.
Neil: Yeah pretty much I try to, I do that I was trying to force it on my students.
MattB: Yeah
Neil: You know it’s the right hand position with your thumb more stuck out down the neck rather than and things, so anyway…
MattB: Wow! That falls into place the least…
Neil: Yeah… (Laughing)
MattB: The history of Neil Hogan’s…I love it (laughing)…


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