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Martin Guitars 1947 D-28


Martin Guitars 1947 D-28


Hello welcome to another chapter of Acoustic Snapshot, I’m Mike Mullen and I’m here to show you another vintage jewel. This is a Martin D-28 and it’s a 1947 year and it’s an interesting guitar co’z it’s a kind of what you call a Transitional Model it’s got features from earlier guitars the earlier style 28’s. But it’s kind of more or less bridging the vintage with a more modern era. Now it’s got the kind of things that guitar players want’ in a dreadnought .It’s got a Brazilian rosewood back and sides very beautiful wood it’s just a stunning a ray of wood here.
Now at this time Martin switch from aderone deck spruce to Sitka Spruce; which some players think it’s not quite as nice tone wood. But I don’t necessarily agree with that I think this guitar sound as good as any other I’ve ever heard. So, we have a here is a 1947 which was the year that Martin start using the Herringbone Marquetry around the border at the top and replace it with this white black quite lines; which at the time was considered kind of a minor change. But it had repercussions throughout the vintage world because the Martin guitar and at the herringbone around the edge of the body considered more collectible I don’t know they’re just I think it’s a style to think about it. But there is no difference between this guitar and a 1946 model which wouldn’t have the herringbone. There’s nothing for the it’s quickly a bit of ornamentation. But you know it makes it somewhat collectible. But anyway, this instrument here also has an earlier feature from the earlier Martin D-28’s and that is the zigzag back strips.
The first 150 or so guitars made in 1947 D-28’s had this type of back strip where it’s zigzag and then later on the 475 guitars Martin D-28’s that were built in 1947 the rest of them had, well the more looks like the Hop Scotch pattern with tile or Chain Link they call it which is the more common back strip. This has the old style back strip and it’s not one of the first 24 made in 1947 or wouldn’t have herringbone. But this is one of the first 200. And so, it’s very unique wonderful and rare guitar; it’s got a beautiful sound, beautiful wood and look to have the original gears on it and it’s got that beautiful little diamond below behind the neck which is general on higher end Martin guitars style 28. And it has a really beautiful kind of Steinway grand piano type of sound, well I think I’m gonna play a little something on it so you get a full measure of what it sounds like and hope you enjoy hearin’ it (Strumming the guitar).


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