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Martin 000-28PB


Martin 000-28PB


This is a really interesting guitar right here. It is a Martin Perry Bechtel special, number 21 it is a 000 28. Now, this is a new guitar but it is a fantastic sounding instrument. It is just a wonderful sounding guitar. It’s got Indian rosewood back and sides. And a spruce top, I believe, this is Adirondack. Has the Herringbone Marquetry around the edges that gives typical style 28. But, it has got couple of extra features. It has got a bound Style 45 style fingerboard and headstock binding with Deluxe side mounted tuners and [inaudible 00:42] and Martin style 45 torch inlay.
Now, Perry Bechtel was a plectrum banjo player in the late 1920s. And he also played guitar. But, he wanted a guitar that had a longer neck or more actually more neck clear of the body. Typically, guitars by Martin at this time had the body come up to the 12th fret, right here. And he had an idea; he wanted an instrument that had a little more neck. It kind of matches banjo.
And so Martin made him a few guitars and they came out with the OM style and eventually the 14 fret neck made it into a lot of their styles, the dreadnought which came later and some of the double Os and triple Os.
It became very popular to have a little more neck here accessible. And these guitars are very popular with fingerstyle players, this style body. But, this was actually a guitar kind of built to commemorate Perry Bechtel and these remain in very small numbers. And they have a couple of them here at Gryphon stringed instruments, and this guy is $6400.
You could do a lot, you could spend a lot more and get not as good a guitar as this one. I just think this is a really outstanding example and they’ve done some very classy work here. It has also, I feel, pyramid style bridge, which is something that Martin wanted the belly which is called a belly bridge, about 1929.
So, this is kind of a little bit of a kind of transitional features on this particular guitar. Anyway, what does it sound like? Well, it has got a very nice open balance sound for fingerstyle. So, I’ll play little something on it and give you an idea of what this guy sounds like.

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