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Fender Tele Bridges


Fender Tele Bridges


Part 1
Part 2
Keith Holland from Keith Holland Guitars and Guitar Hospital shows us 3 different Tele bridges, some vintage, some not so vintage. But since the bridge is one of three places where strings touch the guitar, it pays to understand what works best for your guitar. Note that the Tele bridge is somewhat simpler than a tremelo Strat Bridge.
Part 2 shows a close up look.


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  1. Dick Y. December 16, 2012

    Your video is great, what i need to know is what three brass bar bridge do I need to convert my Squier Tele, to accept the Ash Tray?
    Please note, my Squier the is not a string through body …..
    My children gave me this guitar for x-mas many years ago, a few years later my youngest daughter gave me a set of vintage heavy wound pickups and the pots to match from the custom shop @ Fender , California .
    This piece of wood is now, one fire breathing dragon : ) Can you help me out with a part # ??? any bodies part #


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