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Episode 3 – Video review of classic Martin D-28GE


Episode 3 – Video review of classic Martin D-28GE


Ok! What I have here is a really big gun this is a Martin D-28 Herringbone. Now it’s got an aderon deck spruce top, it’s got Brazilian Rose with back and sides and it’s just a really nice guitar. This is a typical guitar that Martin made in the 1930 his got the 1 and 3/4 inch neck and favored by flat pickers and it’s got a big, big sound. Now these guitars was Martin’s kind of most popular dreadnought well the D-18 most popularly sold in most numbers but this is the one kind I wanted.
The D-28 was sort of slotted in between the 30’s, between the D-18, and the D-45 and this is the one that has the rose width herringbone in lays or marketry around the sides. And these are highly, highly priced, now this one is a dead ringer for one from I’d say about 1938 and it is a Martin. But this is actually a commemorative guitar it’s from 1999 and it’s faded to where it looks like an old guitar I mean it’s 11 years old now. But you know this Golden Era model the D-28 Golden Era signed by Chris Martin and its no. 43 and it’s courtesy of Grip and the String Instruments. And I really like this guitar quite a bit it’s got a lot of the sound and a field the one’s from the 1930’s for a fraction of costs. This particular instrument runs around $7400 dollars and if you have one of this from the 1930’s in this condition it will probably be about $100,000. So, it’s quite a marked up anyway, this guy here is really a pleasure to play it’s a (Strumming the Guitar), that big sound (Strumming the Guitar) , I’m gonna play a little something on it and let you hear what it sounds like this is the Martin Herringbone D-28 in the 1930’s from 1999


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