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Matt B Interview – Thoughts On Campanella Technique


Matt B Interview – Thoughts On Campanella Technique



Neil: So, you went on a Degree in Classical Guitar?
MattB: Yeah!
Neil: That’s so cool
MattB: Yeah! And do I use it now, not whole lot but then again I don’t regret it at all. Now I learned about practicing and about…so many different styles, so many things and I was telling you I do this Campanella thing that I never would have thought of before you know. And it became in its crazy parts it took 70 takes to recording even now I suck it. And but it’s a sweet part you know what I mean…
Neil: Yeah
MattB: And it just brought so much the music and I would have never come to that.
Neil: What do you mean exactly by that? Give me a better explain a little bit more of the Campanella part?
MattB: So, a Campanella is a technique in which it used a lot of open strings and then a like… and so, let me see if I can actually play this very slowly
Neil: Ok
MattB: A little bit more volume to this to…So when you have scales played (Strumming the guitar).. You know.. There you go (Strumming the guitar)…
Neil: Ok!
MattB: Something like that…
Neil: Yeah
MattB: But that intro (Strumming the guitar), yeah I would never come up with that, something like that if I did not done that…
Neil: So lots of them refer just a cross string technique but heart or…
MattB: Yeah! And Campanella refers to the heart..
Neil: Right Oh! That makes sense..
MattB: And that’s of course classical terminology..
Neil: And there’s of course a famous song Fantasy by Alonso De Mudarra
MattB: Yes…dadada….dada.. The dolls
Neil: Yeah
MattB: I’ve always meant to want that and it’s neat fantasy. And the weird and the decimates notes to their is pretty wacky
Neil: dolulelele….and the ring over each other..
MattB: Yeah! Yeah!
Neil: That’s keep them close half step apart ringing over each other
MattB: Yeah
Neil: Most of the times the whole set…
MattB: And sometimes you think his in one key but he plays stuff that is totally outside the key and like men this is jazz
Neil: Yeah from the 15th century
MattB: Yeah!
Neil: Anyway 16th I guess but still yeah, ok. So yeah I just thought about that turn part, from what we’re talking about. We had a chance to meet Tommy Emmanuel a while…
MattB: Oh! Men that is crazy
Neil: And he riffs through some of those things something like Somewhere Over The Rainbow and stuff
MattB: Oh Yeah!
Neil: It’s ridiculous
MattB: And he is such a great teacher too. I watch him on video, has a way to explain things and he is so awesome
Neil: He is really good and you know how is so down to earth I mean Matt and I spent 2 hours alone with him in a hotel room with the video camera was running and he was just there. If anything you want to talk about and anyway we’ll have the whole thing on the video too you gotta chance to hear some of that…
Neil: We’re not sure where we gonna spring that on… but it’s coming soon. And it was a join meeting you know I don’t really pay attention what’s going on in the world of guitar playing much anymore and kind of make my own little rather whole day of hearing something. But I heard a few of this things I heard people played about and stuff and Matt and I went to show in San Francisco February of this year and I walk out thinking, probably just singing the greatest guitar player has ever walk sort of. Now because he could pretty much do anything that anybody else can do effortlessly
MattB: Yeah
Neil: And weather it’s you know riff out this classical things or Riff out Steve most type of things, or riff out Joe Satriani those kind of stuff, or riff out envay licks it’s like it would… you can clearly do anything on the guitar, it’s almost like Bach. Bach go to ends on counter point because there was no point of doing anything anymore…
MattB: We’ll you got plans like 4 years old or something…
Neil: Yeah and he worked hard on it and it was easy for him too and he had huge level and that’s how his ability. And then he work, and then he go 9 o’clock in the morning and he was in the middle of playing 250 days over the nest year right?
MattB: Wow!
Neil: And that ask him as much as you’re performing and stuff do you ever have time to practice? He says; “Yeah I practice this morning before I met you guys”
MattB: Yeah…
Neil: This is 9 o’clock in the morning he can pay until 11 o’clock the night before…
MattB: That’s so awesome…
Neil: You know but that his game on it you know. I only get well on my practicing, well some of my practicing for today.
MattB: Yeah you know we have this misconceptions when you’re kid growing up and you think, you know once your pro you need to practice, you’ve already got it. And it’s like no! If you wanna hung on to do it, and if you wanna innovate at all. Definitely if you wanna hung on to being a Virtuoso you gotta work…
Neil: Yeah stay on it and there were couple of times in my musical life that didn’t do much practicing. So, that’s for 6 months or a year in a time and is it because I just really lazy and I thought you know what for what I really try to do I’m good enough…
MattB: Yeah
Neil: I think eventually I wanna woke up it’s like what the hell is matter with you?
MattB: Yeah!
Neil: What is these good enough craft?
MattB: Yeah
Neil: And the last time it happen it was in the mid 90’s it actually arose from a question from a student who just comeback after a couple of years away and haven’t seen him or something. And he came back and started taking lessons again and he said; Well how much time should I practice and I said; Well I used to tell people if you could get in a half an hour or 45 minutes a day that’s good that’s pretty good for what we’re doing here and he look to me and said; Well how much do you practice and I froze so…oh not that much (laughing) I can’t remember the last time I actually practice…
MattB: Yeah!
Neil: Yeah I like it now I took a fall into route to… (Laughing)
MattB: Yeah! Yeah!
Neil: You do as I say, not as I do…
MattB: For me it’s like all the craziness’ right now with the bands, with lessons and everything it’s so hard to have more than an hour or more to practice on…and I mean if so I practice like 10 hours a day
Neil: Yeah
MattB: And I would love to be doing that and sometimes I don’t have time to practice and it’s not of for lack of wanting to since I don’t have time and if were something’s come in and prioritize over it and then I talked to my students. And then look you know if I have my I’d be practicing at least 3 to 4 hours a day, lead to you know and you should for an hour a day if your serious and if you’re really serious shoot for as much as you can
Neil: Yeah! You got the minimum…
MattB: Yeah for sure…


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