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Using An Electronic Tuner


Using An Electronic Tuner



Neil: So I’m here with MattB and were gettin to shoot some lessons and we just started talking about tuning because when shooting lesson its kind of important thing to have be at sort of standard pitch and that brought up the question of how does he keep his guitar at standard pitch. Now first of all I gotta tell you that Matt has incredible ears and if a tuning forkwould be all he would need to actually do this I guarantee that right Matt?
MattB: Yeah..for sure
Neil: But his sitting here with an Electronic Tuner tell me about it?
MattB: Yeah I mean how does an blind guy use an electronic tuner, well let see if you can hear this n a minute…I have to be careful too because sometimes what happens with this is just, if you go fast pitch it doesn’t pick it up immediately. So what I’ve got here some sort of a… model of a tuner from Boss and what it does is when you hit the right pitch as your tuning up which you just hear. I was tuning my low E string and it just played in E note you can used it for drop D and stuff like that too. It has chromatic tuner and its just awesome in the studio its been a life saver for me because I mean before I had it, you know it was always the engineer or somebody who wanted to make sure everything was absolutely perfect. And so, now that I have this and you know its not like I have to be like some primadonna like: Can you do my guitar?…
Neil: So this is a standard issue from Boss?
MattB: Yeah…
Neil: Ok
MattB: Nothing special you can find this in a music store near you.
Neil: Ok
MattB: And so, whats great story about this, I was recording with this guy who previously was working for capitol and now his got a little studio back in his house and its really nice little studio that he uses to record like folk and american and stuff. And he le me used his tuner and I was like: Oh my God this is the first tuner a blind guy can use its amazing and his like…and I was like can oyu get me one of this like for a cheap price?, common co’z his a rep from Boss his like of course… I was like dude this was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen long long time..he was like if you liked it not much just take it (laughing), I can get another one for free and I was like really?…
Neil: Nice!
MattB: It’s the little things you know…
Neil: So are there many tuners that work like that?, that have this audibe…
MattB: This is the first one I heard.
Neil: Yeah! And said you know the model number on it?
MattB: I don’t but maybe…
Neil: Let me show it to folks here. It’s a Boss TU-15.
MattB: TU-15…
Neil: There you go, very cool.
MattB: Yeah..which is awesome I very much lovin it…
Neil: Yeah
Neil: Nice!


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