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Matt On His Guitar Heroes


Matt On His Guitar Heroes



Neil: Co’z actually one of the things I wanted to ask you about anyway; was some of your guitar influences on heroes and some of the ones, especially that you have met and been able to have short conversation with or something like that…
MattB: Yeah
Neil: But, so after you left…after Williams what we’re you started listening to?
MattB: Oh Men! Back then it was all progression, metal and little classical stuff
Neil: You know what when I was driving home last night, I drove by place called the Galaxy Theater like…
Tommy: Oh Yeah! No way…
Neil: (laughing)
Tommy: Oh I missed it! I played the Galaxy before
Neil: Really?
Tommy: Yeah, I totally played there; it was a few years ago, yeah I played at the galaxy
Neil: Yeah I drove by in it in my blurry eyesight I’m looking at his thing I think I said that’s its Micheal you know I take closer so I can see it to Micheal’s group but I was like co’z we we’re just talking about him, Oh sorry about that
Tommy: That’s ok! I came back and had Thai food on my way…
Neil: Ok… Yeah, yeah So you started listening to people like who then?
Tommy: Well towards the end of high school Benny More, Tony MacAlpine and then got really into Dream theater and was just crazy about them I stayed with my favorite bands for 5 or 6 years and I’ve met all the guys except any of the keyboard they’ve ever had
Neil: Ok! They’ve got exploding keyboards
Tommy: Yeah, yeah they only have 3 of them but for some reason they are always a loser.
Neil: Oh Ok!
Tommy: Well actually I was only fan of the band once the second keyboarder was there. Although I really love the first keyboard’s working it’s actually really some solo material which is not bombastic at all but fantastic almost like radio head with real keyboard input…having the keyboards
Neil: Wow
Tommy: Really neat and very cool lyrics. He was actually one of the greatest lyrics writers in the band I thought and that was ashamed when they lost that
Neil: But John Petrucci is great guy, is a really nice guy very, very approachable I mean the whole band is very approachable Mike Portnoy love’s his fans and they will oftentimes right after a gig he goes out of his tour bus and just wait for the fans to come and he’ll do a meet and greet.
Neil: Wow!
Tommy: Yeah they’re really really very gracious you know
Neil: Yeah
Tommy: And James the singer is just the nicest guy very, very you know humble, I mean like dude; ‘this was the best show I’ve ever seen you do man like you just nailed that your vocal sounds so good tonight’ He’s like; Oh thanks man it’s really, really nice of you, you know real genuine pride…
Neil: Yeah gracious not just he asked things like see you later…
Tommy: Yeah exactly but Petrucci I asked him a question about technique and he took a time to explained it he would do
Neil: Wow
Tommy: And I asked for one of his picks co’z I tried to get a pick from all my favorite guitarist like me and he had one it was in his ponytail and his ‘oh it’s my last one
Neil: Nice
Tommy: Yeah, so that was really cool…
Neil: Could you teach some of there songs do you think?
Tommy: Dream theater probably yeah some although I don’t know if I ever learned Dream verse…
Neil: Others say it seemed like you know it’s such a symphonic kind of stuff…
Tommy: Yeah exactly
Neil: Doing the whole it was like people ask me to do some Yes song sometimes. And I’m thinking well lets do move for day, it was like the solo guitar verse…
Tommy: Right
Neil: Let’s do the intro it could maybe almost all And You and I, yeah co’z it’s really just an acoustic guitar more or less you know…
Tommy: And I think a lot times it’s worth learning that stuff the commitment to practicing with the cd once you get this things down and it’s really it takes some doing you know some real careful study. And I remember when I’m studying with Stef I had no idea how to practice it. I found out I had no idea how to practice when I started playing Classical Guitar. But you know i would learn these random licks it takes so much effort to really get them accurate and stuff co’z you got so much thing called patience, so much speed and so many crazy technique tricks. So yeah I don’t know if I ever learned one of their tunes, I probably have learned a couple
Neil: A lo of times there are very distinct intros that kind of cool you know could be Arpeggio thing…
Tommy: Absolutely
Neil: Something like that…
Tommy: Yeah…
Neil: I find the same thing when people asked about like Metallica songs or something…
Tommy: Oh yeah
Neil: I said well there are some that are simple enough to be able to play all the way through. So they only have a couple of little things…


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