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Matt B on Creating Tabs


Matt B on Creating Tabs



Neil: So here we have Matt working at the computer tabbing somethin’ out and give me quick story of how you do this?
MattB: So ok the pc I’m using has a voice synthesis; so yeah voice output and a regular typing keyboard I’ve been typing since I was blind because it was the only way teachers can read my work.
Neil: Sure
MattB: And I used asking tabs same thing that you gotta be finding a lot of tabs online with…
Neil: Yeah
MattB: And it’s a little bit tedious like and it tend to get a little sloppy because you have to be really, I have to count up dashes and stiff like that after I’ve been…
Neil: Right
MattB: In for a while, So basically I figured it out what each section of songs gonna be like and a lot of times… I don’t even pick up the guitar I can’t see…
Neil: Well you got it clear in your head
MattB: Yeah and so the tab and stuff out. And then I have to recount everything I could in and make sure lines up near then sometimes there are errors you know
Neil: Right
MattB; And kids will be like; Oh it’s not what it says…
Neil: Yeah, that’s ok
MattB: We’ll just do it that way
Neil: Yeah right (laughing)
MattB: So yeah right now I’m doing Date Rape by Sublime and you can hear the voice synthesis here (voice synthesis from the pc)
Neil: Wow
MattB: Yeah pretty wacky and wild
Neil: Yeah, so you would have a…would you have like 16 spaces in every measures typically?
MattB: Not necessarily because it doesn’t work once you get passed the 12th fret. And then plus things aren’t…well like here I guess your more or less lined up in terms of because everything has got a rhythm more or less. Sometimes I’ll play just an open chord with a down stroke you know, and you won’t play the full style rhythm in the measure.
Neil: Right!
MattB: So a lot of times no, and so sometimes when I do this I don’t bother to do the math first, I’ll type out one line. And then count up what I’ve got their as long as I think it’s pretty accurate and then fill in accordingly on the next couple of lines.
Neil: Right; So there’s really no way for you to have it play it back for you so you can hear it what you done?
MattB: No…
Neil: But you can just read it to you more or less
MattB: Yeah exactly and I have to go character by character, my mind doesn’t quick enough assimilate you know listening to a line of tab you know. I wish I had that sort of focus
Neil: You know what I bet you could learn to use guitar pro…
MattB: Yeah and you know I bet I could, I’ve downloaded it I just have to try it out and see if it works.
Neil: Yeah because there are certain key strokes their basically you assigned something; you can enter it in the tablature. You can basically use the up and down arrow keys to get to the string you want and there would be a way to the hit the key that says; this is an 8th note and put in a 15th…
MattB: Oh Wow
Neil: And then you could use arrow key to go to the next 8th note. So, if you had a string of 8th notes tenor you pretty much could just picture in your head. I got the 15th fret on the 3rd string I have the 12th fret on the 2nd string whatever. And if you didn’t…and then you could have just play that measure.
MattB: That’s really cool
Neil: So, you got to do some research on that because I think you can do wonders with it
MattB: Yeah! I’ll probably make things a lot more clearer and I have fewer mistakes all then…
Neil: Yeah you know what it would probably cut the time in half or probably away more than in half I think
MattB: Yeah
Neil: So you jut be short little learning curve of what to do with things. And we will get on that’ co’z then again you could always have like I even send you, I could send you a tab that you can just then play…let me work on those ok, will scope on that later. We will work on this tomorrow co’z I think we can do some cool stuff
MattB: Excellent!
Neil: Well thanks for quick tour of how you tabs stuff out. You have something in the printer there do you happen to print out some of the tabs did you?
MattB: Yeah I did…
Neil: Ok let me take a look at it
MattB: So that is a really quick song by the girl there’s only two parts, their mostly electronica
Neil: So, basically showing chords here you got a B minor chord coming off to an A chord and then to an E chord
MattB: Right…
Neil: And then D
MattB: The D and then below you have Arpeggio in section
Neil: Oh Right!
MattB: Is a you know, the same progression just kind of done with their certain voice
Neil: So when you written the rhythm in with this down, up, down, down, up kind of thing…
MattB: Yeah and it’s very basic
Neil: I see
MattB: It’s not anyway rhythmically you know accurate. It’s just what you do in your picking and…
Neil: Right, but when you’re showing these to a student, you got to count it out kind of form and make sure they understand the rhythm
MattB: Oh Yeah…absolutely
Neil: So this is Kids with Guns by the Gorillaz
MattB: Yeah
Neil: So, Wow
MattB: Pretty wacky…
Neil: Matt thanks very cool
MattB: No worries…


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