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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 11, 2021

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 11, 2021


June 11, 2021

The usual random improv to start and end and the News in between consisted of a recent Student Review of Today, as done by John Denver in a few live performances, thoughts and an update on our KOA Program, and a mention of my recent visit to the Green Mountain Retreat, where we be for this years’ International Guitar Camp the week of September 13-17.

I was really impressed with the huge updates and upgrades at Green Mountain and can not stress enough how great this year will be. If you are thinking of joining us please act soon as there are about 5 spots left.

Speaking of the KOA Program, we will have a live Webinar tomorrow for those members who want to get more involved with the Pathways Program, on their way to a personalized improvement plan. Be sure to check out the advantages when you can.

There was also some short instruction on common and preferred bass note patterns when using barre chords from the E and A families. Hopefully it was coherent enough for those who are expanding their theory horizons.

And that was today’s News…


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