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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 8th, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 8th, 2016


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So it’s a New Year and my plan to shorten and focus the News started off with the best of intents and went off track almost immediately. Oh well, some things are never meant to change. Due to the “Christmas Tree Incident”, I promised my doctor that I would keep my finger away from the potential dangers of touching the guitar. Went immediately off that track as well.

I hope everybody has had a chance to check out the album from out TG superstars, the Time Zone Zombies. I have to congratulate Michele and David on following through on something that most musicians only dream of. We are looking into booking and the band may be in your town sometime in 2016!

Today’s News included the rundown of new stuff, as limited as that was, comments on Steve Vai, metronome suggestions, and random playing of melodies from Erik Satie, George Harrison, Steve Katz, to name a few.

The new stuff this included Heartbeats by José González, a Fly On The Wall with Fred figuring out My Back Pages (and subjecting himself to a boatload of theory), and Student Reviews on The Fisherman and Ladye Nothynge’s Toye Puffe, along with a little tab to get us up to date with the While My Guitar Gently Weeps Solo Project. I hope to get back on that soon, by the way.

There was also some news on upcoming lessons from Max Rich, and an IGC plan we have to spread out the payments, which we should have live early next week.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the revamped format and shenanigans in the News.

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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