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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 24th, 2020

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 24th, 2020


A little ‘Tickle Me’ to start today, with more of it later. It is a tune of mine that I forget about for years at a time but recently it has grabbed me again, and I almost have it under control again. This led to a story about it misbehaving and getting replace by its sister tune ‘Paprika’, although I am not sure how that story hijacked the News today. Maybe I have just seen too many White House ‘press briefings’ lately.

A few things of interest this week were Doug Young’s gear video, which we will have back up here soon as the Forum migration is complete. As you may have noticed, we had to close it down temporarily to begin the move. Which is great news as it means the big wheels are really turning now.

We also are right up to our Anniversary date. April 26, 2009 was the official start of the Target Program. I know there are still quite a few of you out there who dropped in to our first TG Live that Sunday afternoon where the shenanigans went on for over 5 hours. It has been a fun ride and thanks to all who have been here for any time over these 11 years.

The rest of today’s update was on the hummingbirds, Joanie and Chachi have left the nest, Mrs. C. came back a couple times for a little housekeeping, and I have to decide how to clean up the mess while trying not to disturb the nest, just in case she comes back to use it for the next family..


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